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    Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand

    Giving children from poor backgrounds a hope and a future

    At Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand (GMFT) we provide holistic care for children at risk of sexual and labor exploitation. In our homes children in first grade through college receive the nurture, training and equipping they need to participate fully in God’s loving plans for them.

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    Inestimable Value

    Caring for elementary-age girls all the way through college

    It is our great privilege to instill an understanding of the inestimable value which belongs to each and every one of the young girls and young women in our care.

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    Early Investment

    Nurturing boys at a young age to lead whole and healthy lives

    Our investment in elementary-age boys gives the opportunity to make an early and critical impact in lives of the husbands, fathers and leaders of Thailand's future.

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    Lifelong purpose

    Shepherding young boys into young men of integrity and conviction

    We train and equip the young men in our care to not only overcome the trappings of aimlessness and vice, but to take responsibility for their actions and embody lives of great purpose.

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    Vision for Growth

    Eden is in bloom yielding rice and so much more

    GMFT's 19-acre farmland, Eden, moves us closer to our goal of self-sufficiency, provides for the poor and creates employment opportunities for many.

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    Staying Rooted

    Treasuring the beauty of native cultures, languages and traditions

    Represented within the family of GMFT are more than 14 different ethnolinguistic backgrounds! It is a joy to celebrate the uniqueness of each while teaching our children to find unity in the midst of such diversity.

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