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August Newsletter

Dear friends,

We praise and thank our Lord for our brand-new sedan car to replace our 17-year-old truck. All thanks to our wonderful friends and sponsors for making this possible.

With 116 children and staff confined in our compound, Yoke Fong and Duan are teaching some of our children how to cross-stitch.

Covid is raging outside our compound (70 people have contracted the virus in Krasang), but our Heavenly Father has kept us all safe. We have not lacked a single thing, and we are daily experiencing His grace-upon-grace. Covid has become a very serious problem in Thailand over the past five months. Total infections up to the end of March this year stood at 28,000, but then rose sharply to 439,477 by July 22.

Deaths also surged from 94 to 3,610 during the same period. Our children and college students are studying online, which is of limited value for them. This has presented some new challenges of boredom and stress, which we are counteracting with lots of fun and games and quality time together.

From Yoke Fong: I want to thank and commend our outstanding staff for cheerfully serving and caring for our children so well and for cooking three nutritious meals every day while also helping the kids with their homework. They are quite exceptional in the way they think up enjoyable and fun ways to entertain the children around the clock on a daily basis.

From Witoon: I thank the Lord for the love and generosity of our wonderful sponsors and prayer partners towards the children in our care. Their love for us and the opportunities they give to our children leave me with the realization of how blessed our children are. Looking after the boys aged 5-11 is very challenging. Each boy comes from a very deprived background. Some of the boys have been abandoned by one or both parents. Many of them have been left to fend for themselves as their parents or guardians labor from dawn to dusk in order to eke out an existence on their tiny plots of land or laboring for others. At home the boys spend their time with other boys in their village who have dropped out of school and who become addicted to substance abuse at a young age. It is an honor and a privilege -- and also a huge challenge -- to have the responsibility of laying good foundations in their young lives. I want to thank each of our wonderful sponsors for doing so much to make it possible.

From Doi: Our 19 boys aged 12-20 are growing in maturity, and they have a very good attitude about studying online, although it is far from ideal. The older boys are generous with their time to help the younger boys, and they are also happy to help out in Eden when called to do so. The atmosphere in the home is one of love and friendship. Yao and I are especially proud of Moses. He is a happy, enthusiastic little boy and is eager to grow and mature. He is very helpful to everyone and has grown as a servant leader.

Praise the Lord for abundant rainfall so far this year! After two years of severe drought, our rice is healthy and thriving. How good is the God we adore!

Heartfelt thanks to all of our invaluable partners from all of us at Grace.