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January Newsletter

Happy New Year, dear friends.

We celebrated Christmas during the week-end of the 19th-20thwith lots of fun, excellent food, a wonderful worship meeting and grateful hearts. Ewe and Duan bought the meat and with the help of some of our older children cut it in strips, dried it in the sun, cooked it and served it and the rest of the Christmas meal--all with a beautiful smile and attitude. Our 98 children had a wonderful time and shrieked with delight on numerous occasions during the fun and games and special food and loving, family athmosphere. A special thanks to the wonderful couple in Malaysia for sponsoring our Christmas meal and treats.

We also celebrated Father’s Day here in Thailand in December. THIRTY-TWO of our precious children have no fathers or have been abandoned by them. Witoon, Doi and

Charles had a meal with them prepared by Ewe, Yao and Duan and presented them with gifts.What a joy to be able to express the Father-heart of God to them in this way!

As part of the preparation process for Yoke Fong’s and Charles’ retirement in 2025, we are about to build a barn in Eden to accommodate 30 cows and their calves in order to be more self-sustaining. We will begin by rearing ten female cows and gradually build up the herd from there. We were overjoyed to learn last week that the funds for the land preparation, barn, corral and the purchase price of nine cows had been donated almost immediately.

It is a wonderful confirmation and encouragement that we have heard the Lord’s Voice in this new endeavor. Heartfelt thanks to all concerned for your love and extravagant generosity. We are

completely undone by our God and Father’s extravagant provision to us through His precious people once again. Our sincere prayer is that the Thai children and their families whom we love and serve will come to love Him for it.

We were relieved not to lose one of our grade eleven girls a few days ago.Her mother has had many partners and is living overseas at present. Her father has been absent for some

years. Her uncle with whom she lives when she is not at Grace requested that she not go to college on completing high school. He wants her to get a job and help out with paying his debts. Please pray that she will be able to remain with us until she receives a full education.

We are overjoyed at the progress one of our grade 9 boys is making. He has been transformed through living with us for the past three years from a frightened, vulnerable, withdrawn boy to an intelligent, confident, lovely young man. We are thrilled with the progress we are making with some of our boys from similar backgrounds. They are the hardest and most challenging of our children to reach and impact. How good is the God we adore!

We are excited to see all this New Year has in store for us. Sincere thanks to all our wonderful partners and supporters for your love and support and enabling of all kinds.

May you have a blessed and joyful New Year and 2021.

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us at Grace Ministries

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