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January Newsletter

Dear friends,

During the celebrations on the evening of the 25th, I sat under the brightly-colored triangular flags Awe and her team had strewn over our heads, along with the lights that spoke to me of hope and new birth, watching our children enjoy the delicious meal Duan and Ewe and others had prepared. I remembered growing up in rural Ireland when the business people of the town would put up bunting and colorful lights for the Christmas shoppers, and I reflected on God’s enormous generosity of heart in my own life and to Yoke Fong, Yao and all of the 110 souls who live with us at Grace. Truly His will is “good, acceptable and perfect,” and He has indeed brought us into a land “flowing with milk and honey”. Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful couple in Malaysia who sponsored our delicious meal for the second year in a row. We had the joy of sharing our banquet with some people in the community, including an elderly lady and her grandson who collect and recycle items they forage in the town’s trash cans before sunrise each morning. They live in a run-down lean-to at the outskirts of town with the little boy’s auntie. Some of you may remember the little boy came to live at Grace for a few days some years ago until his auntie, who is a witch, forcibly took him from our care, much to his and our great sadness. The poor lady denied him his only opportunity of an education!

How can we ever thank our loving sponsors and supporters for making it possible for our children to enjoy the safety, love, respect and free education they receive here, and for enabling us to express the love, grace and generosity of God in the community and beyond!? You have changed our lives and the lives of countless Thai children forever!

We had the joy of visits from three former house parents and their children, including Di and Kaew and her sister Pell. We love it when our children and grandchildren visit us. We reminisced with grateful hearts and much laughter about our humble beginnings and our God and Father’s Presence and blessing over the past 26 years.

Sadly, our precious children will not be able to return home for the New Year’s Break due to covid, even those who live nearby. We will take the opportunity to have a rest and some more fun and to prepare for 2022.

As we enter into the new year with all its potential and challenges, we send you our love and our heartfelt thanks for loving us so well and for your invaluable prayer and financial support. God is using you to make it possible to give Thai children and young adults a hope and a future.

Ewe & Witoon, Yao & Doi, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us at Grace Ministries