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March 2020 News

Dear friends,

Yoke Fong and I returned to a very warm home-coming on February 19. It is great to be back at Grace. We enjoyed our time in Ireland, Denmark and Spain very much. It was a joy to have time with Jonathan & Sharon & little Madeline, Hannah & Phillip, and David. We love each one and are very proud of them. We also enjoyed spending time with Charles’ siblings and their families and our many friends. We attended the GMNET committee meeting in Ireland and are so very grateful to each member for their love for Thai children and for representing Grace Ministries so well. We welcomed two new members of the committee, Don Bakker and Emilia Staszczak, and are excited at what they will bring to the team. Three of our precious children are now sponsored by friends in Denmark and two by Irish friends.

We are so very proud of Yao and the team for the excellent way they ran things here in our absence. Yao is an exceptional team leader, and Ewe, Witoon and Doiwork very well together mentoring the other members of staff. Together they provide the love, nurture and quality care our children need and deserve.

It is a part of our culture to provide a college education to each member of our staff. We also counsel and help them become free of debt and save for the future. One of our female staff who joined us two years ago in a burned-out condition and without a cent to her name is debt-free, has a healthy bank balance and is preparing to study an Open University course in Human Development. How good is the God we adore!

This month thirteen of our children graduated from grade 9, and two from grade 12. Eleven of the thirteen girls and boys will remain at Grace. One of the two high school graduates is taking the opportunity to receive a college scholarship from us. Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful sponsors for making all of this possible.

We are very proud of our seven college students. They have diligently applied themselves to their studies throughout the year and have just completed their year-end exams. They are looking forward to some well-earned rest.

Joy Norrish,a great friend of Grace Ministries and of Thai children, and Pell,our very first house mother, visited us in February. We enjoyed their company and friendship.

We have chosen sixteen children from a number of tribes for our new intake in April. A poor lady who is very ill with cancer traveled ten hours to bring her daughter to us. Another man was so desperate to place his daughter with us that he traveled eighteen hours to come to Grace.

The new girl’s homeis going up quickly. It will be essential to protecting and providing a family atmosphere for the very many children who want to come and live with us. Great credit is due to Witoon for doing such a good job in overseeing this work.

Much love and gratitude to each of you from all of us at Grace.

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