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October Newsletter

Dear friends,

In a recent English-speaking class for our staff members, we discussed why we do what we do, and I was reminded of some comments in the guestbook on our website:

Grace Ministries Foundation’s origin is from the Father heart of God. When you have a couple and a team made up of like-minded people whose hearts’ devotion is firstly as priests unto God – everything from God, to God, for God – then the home becomes special. It is worship, a spiritual worship, a spiritual sacrifice. Romans 12:1-2: present your bodies a living sacrifice, a spiritual worship. “This is for You, Lord; unto You; for Your pleasure; in obedience to You.” Of course, you can’t expect the children who come from such impoverished backgrounds to realize the depth of its significance. But if you are sensitive spiritually, you know you walk on holy ground when you are at Grace Ministries. This home is built on spiritual sacrifice, a sweet incense, a pleasing aroma to the Lord. It gives Him pleasure. It is conducted before the audience of One for the benefit of everyone who comes in contact with Grace. --Koh Bee Bee, Malaysia

Anne Clavin, who visited us from Ireland, made the following comment: The pebble has been thrown into the pond, and tiny waves are slowly extending outward and will reach the destination for which He intended them.

In the midst of the Covid pandemic and the devastating consequences for the Thai economy which has affected the poor and underprivileged most severely, we praise our loving and most generous God and Father for the peace, joy and abundant provision for all our needs He has provided through His precious people in many nations. Truly, how good is the God we adore! Covid has leveled off after five months of rapidly getting worse. Thailand is ranked 29 in the world with 15,612 deaths and 1,500,105 cases. There has been a steady flow of a small number of deaths in our province but no further deaths in our town. We are all well, and the families of our children are well, also.

All our children are sitting their exams online at present. They have found studying online unsatisfactory, and the college students and seniors in particular are very concerned that they will not be able to maintain their excellent grades.

Our precious children will not be able to return to their homes for the annual mid-term break this month. This is particularly sad for our many children from the northern provinces who only have the opportunity to do so twice a year. We have lots of fun activities prepared to make up for their disappointment: making food and candies, guitar and dancing lessons, soccer camp, DIY home improvement, and gardening. We will then present each child with a cash gift to provide them pocket money for the next semester, which frees their families from the added burden of having to do so. We will also send up-to-date pictures and reports of our children to their wonderful sponsors.

Heartfelt thanks to each of our prayer partners and sponsors for your wonderful partnership with us. We could not do what we do without your loving support.

Yoke Fong & Charles, Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, and all of us at Grace Ministries