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September Newsletter

Dear friends,

We celebrated Mother’s Day in Thailand recently with our 18 precious children who have no mothers or who have been abandoned by them with a special meal and gifts for the children.

Covid continues to be a very serious problem in Thailand. There have been deaths in Buriram province and in our neighboring province of Surin, including one death in our own small town, Krasang. Thailand is ranked Number 33 in the world for Covid cases, an increase of 8 places in August, with over 1million cases in total. We are all well, and the families of our children are well, also. How good is the God we adore!

From Nice: We have 19 precious children in our home for girls aged 7-12. Lat-Da and I have the responsibility and privilege of looking after their welfare. They come from a total of five tribes: Khmer, Lao, Karen, Akha and Hmong. Working with little girls from deprived and sometimes heartbreaking backgrounds is a fun and demanding challenge for both of us. They each have different opinions, interests and temperaments. We love our work and receive lots of help and encouragement from Yao and the other members of staff to make up for our lack of experience. Many of our little girls suffer from inferiority complexes and lack self-confidence. They delight in all the love and attention they receive, and it is having a positive and lovely effect on their young lives. We discuss each child in our weekly staff meetings and seek ways to love and serve them to the best of our ability. We feel for each one, as they are unable to return to their homes during the Covid pandemic. They cannot even visit the local market due to the very real risk of contracting the disease.

We try to make up for these disappointments by loving them and providing lots of fun, activities and treats. We are so proud of each one for every little achievement and every bit of growth in their lives.

From Ewe: Serving as housemother of Bethel 2, our second home for teenage girls and female college students, is a thrilling challenge. It has been a huge and exciting blessing to see three of our girls, Awe, Gaim and Dear Yai, come to know the Lord Jesus over the past year in a truly life-changing way. There is nothing that can compare to this! Their love for God and their eagerness to know Him better is thrilling and a reminder of His presence amongst us and His power to reach His created beings. I am very impressed with the girls in Bethel; their co-operation with each other and with our staff is a great credit to each girl. I am grateful to the older girls for their example to our new members. We spend a lot of time together talking, sharing our experiences and opinions, and learning to embrace and include each other--all life skills they will be able to use in the future. Learning to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses stretches our children at times, but many of them are rising to the challenge and growing up and maturing through the process. I want to thank our loving Father for the incredible value He places on each Thai girl’s life—something they have never known before. May he give them eyes to see it and hearts to embrace it!

Heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful partners from all of us at Grace.