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September Newsletter

Dear friends,

Yao,who is studying for her Master’s Degree in psychology, was informed by one of her professors recently that as a result of Covid-19, many of our labor force have lost their jobs and the number of children being sexually abused in their homes has greatly increased.

Heartbreakingly, we have just received a thirteen-year-old girl into our care who was the victim of such abuse by her own father. The anguish we feel at such times is intense, and the love and compassion we feel for the precious little girl is real and active. We feel honored to be able to offer her the safety and love she has never known and the opportunity to heal. Due to the love and generosity of our God and Father and our wonderful supporters, she was sponsored within twelve hours of arriving at Grace.

We celebrated Mother’s Day here in Thailand--a day full of fun and activities for all of our 102 children. We also had a special meal for our 21 precious children who have no mothers. We are overjoyed at the loving atmosphere and the genuine Christ-like love each member of our staff shows to every individual child in our care. We are delighted with the progress our new members of staff have made since they joined our team.

Our times of worship on the past three Sunday mornings have been a huge blessing and encouragement. Once again, we are so very grateful for the Lord’s Presence amongst us.

Our college and high school children participated in a debate here at Grace in July; it was an educational, passionate, fun time as they shared their views and offered their opinions with great skill.

Since the Covid-19 virus is quite under control here, the schools and colleges reopened in mid-July. Once again, all our children are attending school full-time. They all have taken their mid-term exams and are awaiting their exam results.

The rains have come, and our rice is healthy and thriving once again!

Sadly, as I have shared in this newsletter, there is a huge need for our ministry in our area, and we want to offer our heartfelt thanks to each one of you who make it possible for us to react quickly and effectively to the unfair, unreasonable and tragic burdens that many of our children have had to bear.

We love each of you,

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles, and all of us at Grace Ministries Thailand

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