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July Newsletter

We are sometimes asked how we measure success here at Grace Ministries Thailand. It is a difficult question to answer. Success is manifold and varied. Every child whom we keep out of the sex trade is success. Every child who receives an education and who will never enter the cheap labor industry is a success. A great number of our children are the first person in their family to achieve a high school education. Every child who graduates from college is most definitely the first in their families. That is success. When our children learn how to love, understand, and respect themselves, that is success. When they begin to offer the same love, grace, acceptance, and compassion to others, that is success. When a boy grows into manhood, and has adopted our worldview towards women, that is success. When a girl no longer considers herself poor, insignificant, or a sex object, that is success. When a boy and a girl grow into adulthood with a quality education, a well-defined character and hope in their hearts that they will be able to cope with anything they will encounter in life, that is success. When a boy or girl becomes a child of God and has embraced His perfect will for their lives, they have changed their personal history forever and have become change agents for good in their families, tribes, villages, churches and society. THAT is success.

Our primary-school children are attending school Monday through Friday. All our high school children are studying on-line part-time and attending classes part-time. Our ten college students are studying online. This will continue for the near future.

Heartfelt thanks to the 8th-grade students of West Hills Christian School in Portland, Oregon, and their teacher, Mrs. Susi Povolny, for the beautiful cards and Bible verses they sent to the grade 7 & 8 children at Grace.

Nice and Lat-Da passed their driving tests recently and have joined the other younger members of staff who can now drive.

Our rice is thriving, and we are very grateful for an adequate supply of rainfall so far this season. Our cows are doing very well, also. A “lumpy skin disease”, also known as Neethling virus, has broken out among cattle in our area. The disease is characterized by fever, enlarged superficial lymph nodes and multiple nodules on the skin and mucous membranes. We will purchase more cows after the disease is adequately dealt with. A wonderful added bonus of having our farm, Eden, is that there is lots of room for our younger children to play and also a large pond which they have visited regularly during the hot season.

Much to everyone’s great shock and sorrow, P Baa’s youngest son, Brame, was killed in a motorcycle accident recently. He was 16 years old. P Baa is a much-loved member of staff, and we are doing everything we can to support her and her husband and their other two sons at this heartbreaking time.

Love from all of us at Grace Ministries and thank you for your wonderful love.