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July Newsletter

We have had two interns with us at Grace, both named Daniel. They have just graduated from Westside Christian High School in Portland, Oregon. It has been a wonderful experience for both young men and for our staff, college students and our children. The shared love for God, the unity of spirit, and lives poured out in love to our children has created a powerful and beautiful atmosphere in which to love, serve and grow together.

Each of them wrote a summary of their time with us:

I am very thankful to GMFT for inviting me to stay with them for a second time, and I am very encouraged by everything I see here. After meeting and talking with the kids, I know that the LORD is doing great work in their hearts. The staff here is the finest in Thailand, in my opinion, and they carry out their mission with humility and joy which they find daily by abiding with God and following His will. GMFT is among the top of the most Christ-centered places I’ve been, and I know the LORD will continue to answer their prayers according to His will as they continue to show his love to their communities. If I were to describe Grace in a few words, I would say that it is a place of pure joy! -- Daniel Vermillion

What a blessing it has been to stay with Grace Ministries this week! I have been stirred in my faith and moved in my spirit to see all that God is doing here in the midst of the brokenness of the culture and surrounding communities. God is working in the hearts of these beautiful children through the staff. Many of the children’s hearts still remain closed to the Lord; however, so please never cease to pray for the breath of God in their lives. Only He can change hearts! We have greatly enjoyed becoming friends with the staff and many of the boys our age here. We have been privileged to share meals, conversations, fun times, and most of all, the Gospel with them. We are very sad to leave but grateful for the chance to have come, and hope to come back to visit our friends here again! If I were to describe Grace in a few words, I would say that it is a sacred place. -- Daniel Potratz

Grace Ministries children and staff joined with our local community in celebrating the king’s birthday. We participated in a 6km race, followed by 60-meter sprint for our younger children. We then shared breakfast together, accompanied by lots of laughter and fun.

It became necessary for senior members of our staff to visit the family of one of our pre-teen girls, as she was not safe in her home and did not want to return to her family. Yao dealt with the situation with great wisdom and tact, making it very clear that we would not tolerate any inappropriate behavior towards one of our children. The child was very grateful to us for safeguarding her. She is much happier now. Sadly, three of our new children have returned to their homes. The remainder of our new children are continuing to settle in well to our family.

Our rice is doing very well for the most part. Please pray for sufficient rain for our crop and for the rice of the farmers in our area. It is their only cash crop of the year.

Yoke Fong and Charles are returning to Ireland on July 4th . We are looking forward to having time with our family and meeting many of our friends and sponsors there. We are planning to hold a Grace Ministries Open Day on Saturday August 24th, and are hoping that Yao and Ewe can join us for the occasion.

Thank you, friends and supporters, for making the work of Grace Ministries possible.


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