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July Newsletter

Dear friends and champions of Grace Ministries,

Recently the house mother of one of our little boys told him he would not be allowed to go to the weekly market that evening after behaving badly earlier that day. One of the other boys, aged eleven, returned from the market armed with some treats in both hands and shared them with the boy who had nothing. A few days later that kind little boy was sitting with his friends who were having fun in our sand pit. The house mother noticed he had been staring for a long time at the two small outdoor toilets Witoon and Thaa built. When she asked the boy what he was thinking, he replied that the toilets were the same size as the bamboo hut he shares with his grandparents in their hill tribe village. (He was abandoned by his parents.)

Another one of our eight-year-old boys who came to live with us in May went to the market on the same evening. He bought some treats, also, and then noticed an elderly gentleman sitting by the wayside begging. He discreetly placed his two remaining coins in the gentleman’s hand and returned home to Grace. What a delight our two little boys are to the Lord Jesus! (I am reminded of the story of the “widow’s mite” in Luke 24:1-4.) And what a delight for us that they are imbibing the spirit and culture that permeates all our sponsors and prayer partners who have supported all we do at Grace.

Our 102 children are doing well, including 16 new children and 10 college students. All of our children are attending class, despite a new wave of Covid-like symptoms in the area. With the invaluable help and advice of a number of our sponsors and committee members, we are actively making preparations to increase the number of college students in our care to 25 by the year 2025.

As part of our “Grace Ministries Got Talent” program, we had an informative and enjoyable morning of speeches and debate amongst our high school and college students. The four children in pictured below excelled, and we are very proud of them.

The monsoon rains have been extremely heavy and destructive to the rice crop in our province this year. Under the direction of Witoon and Thaa, we are working tirelessly to protect our crop and rescue as much of our rice as possible. Please pray that we will have a good yield.

Yoke Fong and Charles are looking forward to visiting Ireland in July, August and September; we will also visit Denmark. It will be a joy to meet family and friends and sponsors once again.

Heartfelt thanks to you for enabling us to change the hearts and futures of Thai children forever!