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July Newsletter

Dear friends,

As I write this our children are streaming back to us, and we are looking forward to having all 106 children with us by the weekend, including the 17 new additions to our family. Sadly, two of our most needy children have decided not to return to us. They cannot understand that this choice will have extremely serious and life-long consequences for them. The pressures and temptations that many of our children encounter are much too heavy for some of them to bear. We were very concerned for them while they were in their villages during the three-month enforced Covid-19 break and are very relieved that we did not lose more children from similar backgrounds.

Our hearts go out to all our children who must come to Grace in order to have an education. A number of them were not even safe in their villages, and some of them did not have enough to eat. Most of them could not look forward to having a high school education, and none of them could dream of having a college education, if they did not receive an education scholarship.

Two little brothers, accompanied by Quan, arrived a few days ago after an 18-hour journey from their mountainside village in northern Thailand. It is remarkable how quickly the two little lads have settled into life here! Their young parents are as poor as church mice and debt ridden. We encouraged them to place their little boys in a home in their own province (there are many such homes there). But they insisted on entrusting them to us because of our reputation. To God be the glory!

Duan, Quan and Thaa have spent time with their families,and it is great to have them back. We took the opportunity of the enforced break to do some training with all of our staff. We are feeling refreshed and eager to love and serve our children and their families with all that we have, while at the same time putting God in the center of our lives and ministry.

It was a joy and a privilege to help 21 children from extremely poor families in our own town with their school fees. We were also blessed to be able to help some of our neighbors whose income was affected by our nationwide lockdown. We want to thank our wonderful sponsors for making all of this possible.

Schools and colleges reopen on July 1, and our high school children will alternate between studying in school and studying online at Grace. Our college students will do something similar.

Our rice is thriving! We look forward to harvesting it in November. How good is the God we adore!

Thank you for all your love and encouragement, your prayers and financial support.We are extremely grateful to each of you.

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us here

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