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July Newsletter

Our children, new and old, have settled back well due to the patient love, attentiveness and advice from our staff. The personal care we provide for our children is helping a number of them overcome their problems and difficulties. Already we can see growth in many of our new students, and all but two are very happy to be part of the family. The house parents, with the help of Yao, are continuing to offer support and counsel. We thank the Lord for the interest and excitement our college students and Grade 10 to 12 children are showing in our various Bible studies and character-building discussions. It is helping them develop their ability to understand spiritual principles and apply them to their lives. We are especially encouraged by one of our boys, Phumin, who comes from an animistic background; he is being transformed by the experience of coming to know God personally.

We thank our God and Father for the huge harvest of fish we took from our large pond in Eden. It will subsidize our food for months to come. Our rice is thriving, also. Please pray for sufficient rain until we harvest our crop in late November.

Witoon and Thaa are doing a great job looking after our 22 cows, making repairs and extending our cow barn. When we have sufficient water, they will restock our pond. We are thrilled with our staff, who are working very well as a team and growing in their leadership abilities. Their love, hard work and dedication is building a safe atmosphere in which our children are receiving healing and being equipped to have a future full of hope and potential. Heartfelt thanks to you, our sponsors, supporters and prayer partners for doing so much to make all of this possible. You are much loved and appreciated.

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, and all of us at Grace Ministries

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