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April Newsletter

Dear friends,

All of our precious children, staff and their families are well despite the Covid-19 virus. The problem is increasing nationwide, and the next month will be very important in containing and dealing with the problem. I am sad to have to announce that our friends and partners from Westside Christian High School will not be visiting us this June because of the virus.

All but two of our precious children have returned to their homes for the Hot Season break. One little girl who was conceived in violence and abandoned by her mother at birth and a little boy who was also conceived through a violent act and was born in an outdoor toilet to his severely mentally-challenged mother remained at Grace. It is a joy and a privilege to be able to lavish them with love and include them in our core family.

Yoke Fong, Yao and I are so very proud of and so very grateful to our hard-working and dedicated staff for expressing the love of God on a daily basis to

our precious children over the past academic year. I have asked a number of them to write about the highlights and challenges of the past year:

“The love at Grace is unconditional and unlike anything most of our children have ever experienced. It has many benefits for our children and also teaches them that consequences follow every decision they make, either good or bad.” (P Banyat)

“When our children come to Grace, they enter a whole new way of living and being. They have never before experienced such pure, unconditional, sacrificial, hope-inspiring, life-empowering love.” (P Baa)

“I thank the Lord for His Presence and His provision over the past year. It is exciting and miraculous how through His people in many parts of the world He has more than provided for our every financial need, including the building of our new girls’ home. It is exciting to receive answers to prayer for our children, for our finances and for the influence that Grace Ministries quietly has in the lives of many of our children’s families and in our community.” (Duan)

"I love the culture of respect and dignity that permeates every aspect of the work here. It is a beautiful atmosphere in which to live, work, grow and mature. It offers children and staff alike a hope for the future. I would like to especially mention the three single members of staff for their love and boundless energy in providing all kinds of love and care to the children at Grace.” (P Jim)

“The past year has been a wonderful mixture of joy and challenges. It is a joy to work with each of our staff and to see our children loved and cared for and our college students mature and succeed in their studies. It has been challenging to see some of our children unaffected by the Christ-like love and the extraordinary care and servant leadership they receive on a daily basis.” (Dtaa)

Our heartfelt thanks to each one of you who has made it all possible through your love and prayers and financial support. The new girls’ home is progressing well and is due to be completed on April 19.

Our children will return to us in late April and early May. Please pray for them as they face the many challenges of living in poverty-stricken families in their villages with so many deprivations, temptations and snares.

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us at Grace Ministries

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