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April Newsletter

Dear friends and sponsors,

Our children have traveled to their villages for the hot season break. They will return to us once again for the new school year on May 12 th . Our precious children from the hill tribes in northern Thailand have not seen their families since June of last year. We pray they will have a wonderful and safe time in their villages and their families will be encouraged by their increased confidence and good behavior.

Five girls graduated from high school, and five girls and two boys graduated from grade 9 this month. No celebrations were held at the schools because of an increase in Covid cases, but we made up for that with a party at Grace. Sadly, six of our precious children contracted Covid this past month. We are very grateful to the Lord that their symptoms were quite mild. How grateful we all are to our loving and dedicated staff for looking after the ill children so very well.

We are providing Nok and Daa with a college scholarship, and they will remain with us for the next four years. They each are the first members of their families to have a college education. They have lived at Grace for the past seven years and have been best friends since kindergarten. They are beautiful girls, and we love them very much.

We will complete the paperwork and liaising with our local schools for our twenty new children who will come to live at Grace next month. They are thrilled to be receiving education scholarships and are looking forward to joining our family. We selected each one prayerfully and carefully. We got to know them through a combination of hearing about them from the children in our care and care workers and other contacts we have in their villages. Each student took a placement test and had a virtual or face-to-face interview with us.

We will plant this year’s rice in April. Our cows are thriving, and we are very proud of Witoon, Thaa and Namchai for making food supplements for our 17 cows. We have entered the hot season and are taking a number of measures in order to have enough water at Grace and our farm, Eden.

Our fourteen staff and two grandchildren are very much looking forward to our retreat at the coast later this month. Each member of staff has been exceptional in showing love to our children throughout the past nine months, and I am very proud of them. They are tired, having poured out their lives to the Lord and upon our children, and this vacation is truly a gift from the Lord to each one. Heartfelt thanks to those who have expressed the Father heart of God to us so lovingly by making this timely retreat possible.

Love from all of us here at Grace Ministries.