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April Newsletter

Dear friends,

We had the joy of celebrating the graduation of our children from grades 9 and 12, six of whom are looking forward to going to college in May. One of our grade 7 girls summarized with a beautiful drawing what it means to her for our children to live at Grace.

We have selected 26 new children to come live at Grace in April. Please pray that they actually come to live with us! Children who have grown up in families living in chronic poverty for two or more generations suffer from a severe inferiority complex and are threatened by and afraid of change of all kinds. Their parents have never had an education, and most of them are absent for a number or reasons: broken marriages, poverty, chronic debt. Most of the children in their villages have dropped out of school, and the pressure on them to do the same is extremely strong. They must have courage and far-sightedness to overcome these many obstacles and temptations to receive the life-changing opportunity of an education scholarship from Grace Ministries. What a joy and a privilege to be able to empower our beautiful children to break the mold of poverty and destructive choices to receive our love and nurture and the opportunity of a quality education, free of charge.

Eight years ago, we had 64 precious children in our care. Thanks to our faithful and generous sponsors, the number has increased to 101, and we have a record 14 college students! Due to very sad circumstances, we will also receive a child of kindergarten age for the first time. How good is the God we adore!

We do, of course, require sponsors for our 26 new children. If you know anyone who might be interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring one of the new members of our family, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Yoke Fong and Charles visited Malaysia for the first time in three years recently. It was such a joy to meet our new sponsors and to catch up with those who have been sponsoring our precious children for many years. Heartfelt thanks to each of you for your generosity and fellowship. We really enjoyed the time together with you all. Thank you, Koh Bee Bee, for hosting us and for arranging the time so very well. We are looking forward to visiting family, friends and sponsors in Ireland and Denmark during the summer and in the United States in September.

Each one of you is greatly appreciated and much loved here at Grace Ministries.

With gratitude and joy,

Doi & Yao, Witoon & Ewe, Charles & Yoke Fong and everyone at Grace Ministries

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