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June Newsletter

Dear friends,

All of our precious children have arrived at Grace for the new academic year. We have 107 children in total, including our 17 new children and 11 college students, the most we have ever had. We are also sponsoring three children in their villages. They had planned to come and live with us but were prevented from doing so by tragic circumstances.

We now have 15 members of staff. Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful sponsors who have done so much to make this possible.

The new term begins on June 1st. All our children are studying online part-time and attending classes part-time; this will continue for the foreseeable future. We are continuing to support Thong, one of our alumni. He is attending Bible college in Chiang Mai province and hopes to serve his Lawa tribal people. Quan and Lat-Da,who are members of staff, are also studying open university courses. Yao has entered the final semester of her master’s course in Psychology and is looking forward to graduating in September.

We love this time of year when all of our children have returned to Grace, the new children are settling in well, and our new college students are happily pursuing their dream of a college education. This would have been impossible for each one of them if they had not received the love, encouragement and financial support from our wonderful sponsors and supporters!

Our family compound resounds with the sound of laughter and fun and games, and we delight in our God and Father’s extravagant love to Thai children, young adults and their families. How good is the God we adore!

The Covid-19 problem has continued to increase nationwide, with 776 deaths, up from 91 in January. Thailand is now listed Number 88 in the world, up from Number 114 in the same period. Our children from Chiang Mai, Phetchabun and Naan provinces had to quarantine for 14 days on their return to Grace.

We have contributed powdered milk to two villages a short distance from Krasang that are in lockdown at the moment as an expression of the Father heart of God to the people in our community. We rejoice in the Lord’s continued protection of our children and staff and their families.

We are very encouraged by how Witoon, Thaa and Namchai have developed Eden, our farm, over the past few years. Our new venture of rearing cows and their calves is going well, and we are planning to purchase more cows in the coming months. Doi made a video of Eden recently, which can be viewed on our

Love and heartfelt thanks to all of you who are making the work of Grace Ministries possible!