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June Newsletter

Dear friends,

We continue to praise our loving God and Father for His protection from the Covid-19 virus. All of us and our families and everyone we know continue to be safe and well. As I write this, we have had 3,033 cases with 56 deaths, and Thailand is ranked 70th in the world. We are very conscious that the countries in which our wonderful sponsors and their families live have fared much worse. May the Lord keep each of you safe.

We were at last able to send home all 8 of the children who were confined to Grace due to travel restrictions. Yao contacted the authorities and police here and in the North, where the children live, and received permission. (When she puts her mind to something, it always gets done 😊.) Two of our children are remaining with us because it is unsafe for them to return to their villages. D. has no family and has enjoyed being part of Doi’s & Yao’s and Rada’s family. It is exciting to see the healing that is happening in her life. N. has spent Monday-Friday with us here and the weekends with P Banyat and her family, which he loves to do. We took him to meet his mentally-challenged mother again this month. Sadly, she does not recognize him. This makes him very sad, and we are privileged to give him the love, grace and mercy he has never received from his family. We also provide food and financial help to the lady who is looking after his poor mother.

We were delighted to be able to give financial assistance to 13 wretchedly poor families in our community. We will continue to seek to help the poorest of the poor in our area. The virus has had a devastating effect on the economy, and, as in every country, it is the poor who are most affected. How proud we are of our wonderful sponsors who have made it possible for us to meet all our financial needs and have enough to express the love and compassion of The Creator God to the most needy and underprivileged in our community. Truly, how good is the God we adore!

Our grade 7 and 10 children will return to us on June 3rd; they will be accompanied by a number of children from Chiang Mai province in the North who have asked to return to Grace early because of the hardship in their villages. We are looking forward very much to receiving them. Our 17 new childrenare all looking forward to coming to live with us on June 29th. By then we should have our full complement of 108 precious children.

We have planted our rice and now look to our Father for the rain necessary to grow it.

We are excited to receive our precious children once again and joyfully anticipate all the blessings and opportunities God has prepared for each one of them.

Our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your partnership with usin their young, vulnerable and underprivileged lives. May they receive the opportunity you have provided for them, and may they come to know and love the God and Father Who has made it all possible.

Love from each of us here,

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us at Grace.

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