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June Newsletter

Dear Friends,

New Children

Our twenty new children have come from very deprived and, in too many cases, abusive backgrounds. A number of them have at least one drug-addicted parent, and two of our precious children have a parent in prison for a drug-related crime. They are hurt, confused and angry, and their attitudes and behavior are challenging to our staff. We love each of them and are delighted with the opportunity to provide them with a safe, nurturing place to live and to care for all their physical, psychological and educational needs.

Exciting & Challenging

We now have 112 children in our care, the highest number ever! We have a record 14 college students, one child in kindergarten, 39 children in primary school and 58 in high school. The biggest challenge we face with our children is that so many of them have been abandoned by one or both parents. Others have been left alone and unsupervised with only a mobile phone as their company. Children are becoming addicted to cell phones at a very young age. This has serious consequences for their education, with many of them lacking the very basics in reading and writing. We are grateful to receive them into our care at a young age and are confident that with love, dedication and prayer, over time they will come to embrace the future our God and Father desires for each one of them.

Eden Farm

Witoon and Thaa have planted our rice crop, and the life-giving rains have come. We are upgrading Eden, our farm, and purchasing some equipment which will be a wonderful help to us in becoming more self-sufficient. Heartfelt thanks to the young couple in the US who have made this possible by giving us a very generous gift.

Prayer Request

Please pray for each member of our staff--for ability, strength, wisdom, guidance and love like Jesus as we strive to look after, understand, encourage and advise our precious children, especially our twenty new children.

We hugely appreciate the loving support of our sponsors and partners. How can we ever thank you for enabling us to show the love of God to some of the most deprived and vulnerable children in Thailand? You are enabling us to change their lives forever.

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