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August Newsletter

Dear friends,

We took advantage of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions by taking our tots to the

water park in a nearby city. They loved it and squealed with delight as they raced up

and down the water slides and engaged in all the fun activities. They topped off the

day with a visit to KFC in a nearby shopping mall.

Sadly, Covid has raised its ugly head this week once again, and ten of our precious

children have been isolated at Grace with headaches and sore throats. Great praise

goes to our wonderful staff for their love for, and excellent care of, our children.

We had a lovely visit from two of our alumni, Mae and Pam, recently. It was a joy to

see them and to catch up on their lives. We laughed and reminisced about Mae’s 10

years (She graduated with a B. Ed in English) and Pam’s 6 years at Grace. One of

them is a Christian, and the other girl is a Buddhist, but both girls spoke

enthusiastically about how the love, respect and educational opportunities they

received here provided the foundation from which they have gone from strength to

strength ever since. What an immense joy and privilege it is to have been God’s co-

workers in changing their lives forever. We send our love and heartfelt thanks to our

wonderful sponsors for making this possible in many hundreds of Thai children’s lives

over the past twenty-six years.

As so many of you are aware, sporting activities of many kinds are an integral part of

living at Grace. We ran a 5km and a 2km race in July, followed by a BBQ brunch

together for all.

A precious couple in the US once again treated all of us to an ice cream party. Ice

cream is the universal feel-good language, and our children and adults enjoyed the

treat immensely!

The monsoon rains have been relentless this year and have done a lot of damage to

the low-lying rice fields in our area, including at Eden, our farm. We cannot thank staff

members Witoon and Thaa and Mem, Yao’s brother, enough for their dedication and

hard work in tending to our crop.

Charles and Yoke Fong are excited to be heading to Ireland to spend time with our

children and granddaughter, Madeline, and our family and friends in August. How

good is the God we adore!

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us at Grace.