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August Newsletter

Dear friends,

We have had a good month. Our 104 children, including our 17 new children and 8 college students, have adjusted well to studying in school half the time and online for the remainder of the time. Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful supporters for making it possible for us to purchase six new computers for our students’ increased use.

Sadly, Yao’s and P Baa’s father passed away this month. They were a huge support to their mother and family, and we are very proud of them for the love of Christ they showed to their many Buddhist and animistic relatives and neighbors. It was an extremely busy and demanding time for Yao, as she was taking online classes for her master’s course at the same time.

We are very proud of Daa and Nok,two of our girls who come from the Thai-Cambodian border. They are the two remaining children from a total of fourteen to whom we provided education scholarships six years ago. The other twelve children have all left our care with devastatingly negative consequences for each one. Daa and Nok are best friends and are in grade 11. They are looking forward with confidence to graduating from high school in 2022 and are beginning to dream about going to college. They will be the first children from their whole area to have a college education. I asked Daa recently why she remained with us and resisted the destructive lifestyle in her village. She answered, “Because I see the value in what you have given me and the love that I have received here.” Our sincere thanks to their wonderful sponsors for making it possible.

The local economy has been devastated by the Covid-19 virus. All our local laborers have returned to their villages from the large urban centers where they were employed. The hardship has been further increased because of our great need for rain. Rice is dying in the fields and with it our farmers’ only possibility of an income for this year. We have been praying on a daily basis for our rice in Eden, and the vast majority of our rice has been spared. Please pray along with us for rain.

Thong, one of our recent college graduates, visited us this week. He has served his one year of compulsory military service and has returned to his mother and siblings in his tribal village. He has a burden for his Lawa people. His mother is serving in a church in his village as his father did until he passed away two years ago. We are going to support Thong through Bible

college in order to equip him to do the same.

Our sports day and our “Grace Ministries’ Got Talent” evening were a lot of fun; everyone enthusiastically joined in all the activities. We are very proud of our college students for their creativity and energy in making the events such a wonderful success.

Love to each of you from Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and from all of us at Grace.

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