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December Newsletter

Dear friends,

All of our children have returned from the mid-term break in their homes, with the exception of five precious children who do not have homes to go to or who could not do so because it was unsafe or an unsuitable environment. It was a joy for our staff to be able to give these especially needy kids lots of love, treats and individual care. We had to insist that the parents of two of our little boys, brothers, allow them to go home; they did not want the inconvenience of having to look after them for the 14-day break.

Awe, a second-year college student, recently participated in an English-speaking competition in Bangkokwith 95 students from some of the best colleges in the country. She was the only competitor from the entire northeast region of our country, and she achieved fourth place. She is an exceptional girl in many ways, and we are very proud of her.

One of our grade 12 girls and her mother and younger sister were abandoned by her father some years ago. Since then her mother has had numerous partners, with much heartache and grief. On returning to her village recently, the poor child was ridiculed by a few of her neighbors about her parents’ behavior; they told her she would end up the same. Recently she told Yao about the incidents and assured her she is confident that this destructive prophecy will not be fulfilled because of the hope and purpose she has found since she has come to live at Grace.

After an incredibly difficult year for growing rice in our area, with both a chronic shortage of rain followed by a period of severe flooding, we have harvested our annual crop of rice. It is 60% of last year’s amount, which had been our second-greatest-ever yield. With the remaining rice from last year, thanks to Witoon’s and his team’s excellent management, we have enough rice for our own consumption for the next 12 months and have some to give to the poorest of the poor in our area.

We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 18th and 19th. It is always a time of joy and fun for all our children and an opportunity for grateful reflection on our Lord and Savior for all that He has made possible by His sacrificial love on our behalf. We would be lost without Him! Grace Ministries could not exist without His extravagant provision and protection of all kinds.

Warmest Christmas greetings to all our wonderful sponsors and prayer partners. Heartfelt thanks for doing so much to make the past 12 months so fruitful and so special for all of us at Grace.

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