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November Newsletter

Dear friends, Our school children and our college students are delighted to have returned to their classrooms after four months of online learning due to the Covid-19 virus. They were unable to return to their homes for the three-week mid-term break because of Covid travel restrictions, but the fall break was a wonderful time of fun and competition for all of our children and staff at Grace. We had contests in sport, including hotly-contested soccer, volleyball and chair-ball tournaments. We also held Grace Ministries Master Chef competitions for our secondary-school and primary- school children. All of us were very impressed with the delicious food they produced. We also had crafts and painting competitions and gardening. All our children and staff members participated in these team events.

All of us will look back at the time with fond memories of the camaraderie, creativity, keen competition, skill, and teamwork each team displayed. The preparation and coaching for the events, coupled with the enthusiasm and dedication from each participant, was a wonderful means of teaching our precious children many of the values we wish to pass on to them. Our most gifted children have come to realize in a new way that unless they receive the necessary coaching and embrace their team ethic, they will not achieve success. Likewise, the less naturally-gifted members have learned that with the right attitude and application they can make a real difference to their teams and occasionally be the difference between winning and losing.

All our children enjoyed their participation so much that, even though they were unable to return to their homes, not a single child pined for his or her family. Huge credit goes to our extraordinary Thai leadership and to each member of staff. Yao and her team prepared for the events thoughtfully and thoroughly and oversaw and participated in each contest, greatly enhancing the fun and learning opportunities during the entire three weeks. Yoke Fong and I are so very proud of each one of our staff members. Heartfelt thanks to Saa, an alumna of ours, and to a dear couple in Portland, Oregon, who financially supported the events.

Thanks also to our Irish committee that organized and sponsored a hike that raised $4,000 towards a tractor we are planning to purchase in order to further develop our 19-acre farm, Eden. It has been a long-held goal of ours to do so, and we now feel it is time to go ahead and purchase one.

Our rice is thriving, and we plan to harvest it at the beginning of December. Our growing herd of cows are all well; we are hoping to purchase 10-12 more cows in early 2022. We are so very grateful to our God and Father and to His people. He is our inspiration, strength and provision as we seek to simply live before Him humbly and transparently.

We are very much looking forward to a number of Zoom conference conversations with some of our wonderful supporters in the US and Malaysia this month and early in December.

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong and Charles and all of us at Grace.