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November Newsletter

Dear friends,

We have had an enjoyable and busy month of October. Nuey, one of our alumni, visited us on her graduation from college. It is always a joy to have visits from our former children, who know we still love them and rejoice in their achievements. Yao sat her most recent exams in Bangkok and P Jim, Duan and Quan have received their most recent exam results. We are so very pleased with our staff members for doing the hard work of continuing their education.

Ewe did some baking with the girls in Bethel 2.

Hardly any of our 102 precious children have had a birthday celebration before they come to live at Grace. We celebrated six of our little girls’ birthdays recently, much to their great delight. Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors for making it possible.

Our worship meetings have been a source of encouragement and blessing, and we are delighted that two of our Buddhist girls, Gaim and Dton-Cao, and one of our Catholic girls, Jane, are being impacted by the Lord’s Presence amongst us.

We are very proud of our eight college students for their application to their studies and embracing of our standards. Miew, Jaeng, and John are about to intern with different organizations and companies in other provinces for the next three months. Namchai will intern with us at Grace, and Nice will intern in a shopping mall nearby in Buriram city. They both will join our staff after graduating from college in March. We enjoyed an end-of-term meal with our eight college students recently.

We have had enjoyable and fruitful conversations on Zoom with some of our sponsors in the US in September and October; we also held our annual meeting with the board members in Portland, Oregon. We are deeply grateful to them and to the committee members of GMNET in Ireland for their invaluable love, support and advice to us over the years.

We are doing very well financially despite the economy being so very difficult here and in the countries of our wonderful and generous supporters. Heartfelt thanks to each one of you from each of our staff and every one of our children.

One of the highlights of October was when Yao bought a pretty dress for a little girl who came to us in heart-breaking circumstances two months ago. When she had her picture taken, she exclaimed excitedly that she had never owned anything so beautiful or felt beautiful before.We love our ministry amongst the underprivileged and exploited. Much thanks to one of my siblings and her spouse and for a wonderful couple in Oregon for making it possible for their little sponsored girl to enjoy the safety, respect and love that she receives on a daily basis at Grace.

A wonderful retired couple in Portland treated all of us to an ice cream treat for the fifth year in a row. The children send their love to “Uncle and Auntie”.

Love to each of you, our generous sponsors. You are changing the lives of Thai children forever.

Yao & Doi, Ewe and Witoon, Yokie in Ireland, Charles and all of us at Grace Ministries

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