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November Newsletter

One-hundred-eight precious children have come back to us after the October school break.

We are delighted that they have returned to Grace once again and that their time in their

villages was safe and without incident. As always, we are very sad to lose one of our

children. She had lived with us for eight years, and her decision to leave our care will have

drastic, life-long consequences for her. All our children are settling in well and have enjoyed

conversations with their house parents about their personal experiences during the break.

We have been inspired by the love of one mother who rode her motor-bike for four hours to

bring her little girl back to Grace. Many of our children spent their break in the rice fields

helping their mothers. Others sold noodles and made simple cookies to sell in order to

support their mothers. Our youngest little girl spent each day from dawn to dusk sitting in

the side car of her mother’s ancient motor-bike as she sold food she had prepared that

morning to the workers in the rice fields. How can we ever thank our wonderful sponsors

for giving our precious children a way out of the chronic poverty and debt that has

caused such havoc in their parent’s lives?

We have purchased a bailer, which means we do not need to hire someone to bail our hay.

In addition, Witoon and Thaa are offering bailing service to the farmers in the local area,

which will help make us more self-sufficient, a long-held goal of ours. Heartfelt thanks to the

father and daughter in the US who made this possible. How good is the God we adore!

We are looking forward to contacting the sponsors of our children with their most recent

updates in the coming days. Heartfelt thanks to each of you for making it possible for our

children to live at Grace and to have an education.


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