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November Newsletter

Dear friends,

Yoke Fong, Charles, Yao and Rada enjoyed our time in Ireland and Denmark very much. We had wonderful and productive meetings with our Ireland and Danish committees. Yao connected very well with each committee member, and we have taken some very important steps towards the gradual handover from Charles and Yoke Fong to Yao and her team here at Grace. It was a joy to have time with David, Hannah and Jonathan and our beautiful little granddaughter, Madeline. We so enjoyed catching up with family members, close friends and long-term partners of Grace Ministries. Little Rada was exceptional, and although she missed Doi, her dad, she participated wholeheartedly in all of our travel and activities. Heartfelt thanks to everyone in both countries for all your love, generosity and invaluable support. Ewe and our co-leaders and staff did a wonderful job of looking after our children in Yao’s absence. We returned to a team that was full of joy and united in their love for God and their commitment to providing excellent care for our 101 children. A special word of thanks to Ewe, who has become the perfect partner for Yao as we plan for the future!

By now, each of our wonderful sponsors should have received an update on your sponsored child. We are deeply grateful to each of you for making it possible for us to give our precious children an education—the means by which they will be able to escape the poverty that has crippled their families and contributed to fractured lives and social problems of many kinds.

We had the joy of visiting Nice’s and Quan’s mountain-top villages recently in Chiang Mai province. We loved the simplicity of village life and the genuine love and fellowship we shared with their family members and the villagers. We met a number of children whom we hope will come to live with us at Grace in the coming years. We also were delighted to be able to give some material assistance to some of the villagers who are extremely poor.

We have had record-breaking rainfall throughout the entire monsoon season. It has wreaked havoc all over Thailand. Witoon and Thaa have worked tirelessly in protecting most of our rice. It should be ready for harvesting by early December. Two of our cows have had calves, which brings the number of our herd to eighteen.

Like all of you, we were heartbroken to hear of the senseless killing of 37 people, 23 of them kindergarten students, in a place 336 kilometers north of us. Our hearts and prayers go out to the poor families of the victims and to all the people who live in that small community!

Please visit our updated website at and check the pictures of our visits to Ireland and Denmark on our Facebook page.

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