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March Newsletter

At Grace Ministries we choose children from the poorest of the poor backgrounds from many provinces in North and Northeast Thailand, thanks to our invaluable sponsors and partners. Our goal is to love, protect, nurture and equip them so they can change their own personal histories and contribute to Thai society in their families, villages, churches and tribes.

You can imagine our joy that An and Awe are just about to graduate from college. An, a Catholic, is returning to her mountain-top village to teach the children in her tribe. The free education she has received at Grace and the many benefits she has gained from living with a loving and gifted staff have equipped her to impact her tribe for decades to come. Awe, who has come to know and love the Lord Jesus with a beautiful purity and passion, will join our staff. She will work in the home for little boys and will spend three months in the US later in the year as a part of her equipping for all the Lord wants to do in and through her over the coming years.

Win Yai comes from a tribe in Northern Thailand. He is studying agriculture and plans to return to his village upon graduation from college in two years’ time to help his tribe modernize and develop their farming skills. He led worship on a recent Sunday morning, and the Holy Spirit moved wonderfully in the meeting. He is becoming a man after God’s own heart, and we believe he will help his nominally-Christian tribe in many ways to fall in love with the Lord Jesus like he has done, and to improve their debt-ridden lives. How good is the God we adore!

We have selected twenty-four precious children to come and live with us in April and May.

The youngest child, who comes from a heart-breaking background, is only five years old.

We are extremely grateful to our God and Father and to our wonderful sponsors and

partners for making it possible to do so once again this year.

Our college students are taking their end-of-year exams at the moment, and our secondary and primary school children will take theirs in the coming weeks. Almost all our children will return to their parents or guardians for the hot-season break on March 10th . As our academic year comes to a close, we want to thank our God and Father for His presence, protection and provision through the past twelve months, and we want to thank each of you for doing so much to equip us to love, serve and educate poor Thai children.

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