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March Newsletter

Dear friends,

Five of our children are about to graduate from college. They have been members of our family for between six and ten years. Two of them are from the Karen tribe, and the other three come from the Khmer, Tin and Akha tribes. We are very proud of them for their dedication to their studies and for upholding our standard of behavior for our students. They have achieved their dream and our goal of having a quality, debt-free education. Heartfelt thanks to their wonderful sponsors who have done so much to make this dream a reality.

Nine more of our students are about to graduate from high school and are very excited about entering college in Buriram in May. Four of them come from the local Khmer tribe, four from the Karen tribe in northern Thailand, and one from the Tin tribe. The other two students come from the Akha and Tin tribes. How good is the God we adore!

Our high school children have been attending school as normal Mondays through Fridays and studying online during the weekends in order to complete the academic year before the schools close for the hot-season break on April 10th.

A little child came to our front gate recently and asked Yao if she could live with us. She and her younger sister were abandoned by their mother. Their alcoholic father suffers from depression and lives in another province. The two girls live with their grandma, who is a seamstress here in Krasang. She was friendly with two of our girls in her class and asked them what it was like to be a member of our family. She is a wonderful little girl, intelligent and mature for her age, and she is settling in very quickly. We are overjoyed to be able to offer her a free education and a safe environment in which to grow up.

The selection process for our new intake of precious children is ongoing,and we are looking forward to receiving them into our care in late April/early May.

The cow barn is going up quickly! Witoon, Thaa and Namchai also built a barn in which we will keep our straw and hay. We have purchased three female cows and are actively seeking to purchase eight more.

Our worship meetings have been a source of great encouragement and life to us this past month, and we treasure the Lord’s Presence amongst us.

Heartfelt thanks to each of you for your role in our ministry of love to the Thai people.

Witoon & Ewe, Doi & Yao, Yokie & Charles, and all of us at Grace