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February Newsletter

Dear friends,

Our selection process for our new intake of precious children from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds is going very well. We have interviewed 12 children and their mothers/guardians already, and we will interview 8 more in the coming weeks. A number of boys from a local animistic village want to come to us this year. Formerly, their families were strongly opposed to their sons coming to live with us. However, they are deeply concerned about the destructive lifestyles of the boys who remain in their village; having observed us for many years, they now believe their boys need to come to Grace Ministries if they are to have a future and a hope.

Five of our girls are about to graduate from high school. They have been members of our family for between two and seven years. We love them and are grateful for the privilege of expressing the love of the Father to each of them. Three of the girls will return to their families, who have the ability to send them to college. Two of them will remain with us for their college education. We are very proud of them and praise the Lord that all five will have a university education. Seven years ago, we chose them and 15 other girls and boys from three villages on the Thai-Cambodian border. All of the 15 kids left us after a short time, with disastrous consequences for each of them.

Our new tractor is a huge blessing and has enabled Witoon and Thaa to increase our production of rice, fruit and vegetables at Eden. We grow 7 kinds of fruit and 9 kinds of vegetables. We will now concentrate on increasing the numbers of each variety. We have hundreds of large fish in our pond; we eat them on a regular basis, much to our children’s delight. The first two calves born in our cow pen have arrived, bringing our cows to a total of fourteen.

It is such a joy to see P Jim, P Baa, and Thaa growing in their spiritual gifts. The two ladies led our prayer meetings recently, and Thaa leads our worship meetings on a regular basis. How good is the God we adore!

P Baa had the heartbreak of losing her youngest son in a traffic accident some months ago. It was a devastating loss for her and her husband and their other two sons. It has brought the family and the senior staff at Grace very close together. She treated us to a wonderful meal recently in order to thank us for our assistance in liaising with police, government officials, and the insurance company.

Please pray that the Covid pandemic will continue to improve enough to permit our precious children to return to their villages for the hot season break in March. It has been a long time since most have been able to go home. Our staff have been wonderful throughout this past Covid-19 twelve months

and are also looking forward to a break. Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful couple in Portland, Oregon, who have given us the means for all fourteen of us to take a 4-day retreat at

the coast.

We are so very happy and grateful for the Lord’s Presence and provision throughout this past school year. Heartfelt thanks to His precious people who love us and support us so very well.

Yao & Doi, Ewe & Witoon, Yoke Fong & Charles and all of us at Grace.