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February Newsletter

Dear friends,

We have had a joyful and busy start to our year. More and more of our alumni are returning to visit us; in fact, in January three girls came for the first time in fifteen years. Many of our precious

children have prospered since they left us, especially those who received a college education. Some of them have had very difficult lives because they left our care too early and were not equipped for the many challenges they have faced since then. They all agree that the love and respect they received here at Grace changed their lives.

We celebrated Children’s Day, a Thai holiday, with lots fun, games and treats. Our children had a joy-filled and memorable time. Heartfelt thanks to their wonderful sponsors for making this and so much more possible! Our children were excited to receive gifts provided by a beautiful family and their friends in Japan. Who could have imagined that Grace Ministries--our little labor of love, an offering of worship to the God of Gods--would be so loved and supported by people in Ireland, England, Scotland, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Ecuador, Malaysia, Australia and Japan? How good is the God we adore!

Recently, Awe, who is interning here at Grace, was visited by her professors. They were kind enough to say they were impacted deeply by their time in conversation with us. They both consider Awe their best student. We are overjoyed that she will join our staff on graduation in March. Aan is also enjoying her college internship, and we are in frequent contact with her. She, too, is excited about graduating in March.

As a part of our effort to build relationships with the senior staff of our local schools and with town officials, we presented them with New Year's gifts once again this year. We also received gifts from some of them. Our influence in the area is growing, and we are respected as a result of our ministry to the poor in the community and our 27 years of providing education scholarships to children from the poorest of the poor backgrounds, even though they do not share our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our selection process for twenty or more children has begun. A huge number of children in the villages are becoming addicted to mobile phones at a very young age, and many are dropping out of school at grade 6. It is becoming a very serious problem amongst the poor and underprivileged in our country. It is vital that these children receive an education which they will not receive if they remain in their villages. Please pray that these children will come to live with us!

Heartfelt thanks to you for enabling us to change the lives of the most vulnerable and at-risk children here in Thailand

Yao & Doi, Charles & Yoke Fong, Ewe & Witoon, and all of us at Grace Ministries.

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